Clínica Pediátrica Júniorsaúde, Paediatric Specialities



  • Pediatrics
  • Allergic Diseases
  • Pediatric Neurology and Development
  • Psychology
  • Speech Therapy
  • Nutrition


Pediatrics accompanies the child from birth to adulthood , monitoring their growth , assessing their development , anticipating problems and preventing complications . In Juniorsaúde makes up traditional Pediatrics caressing closeness with family , adapting attitudes to the individual characteristics of each child , valuing the needs and questions of parents and maintaining openness and availability at all times

Other Specialities

  • Skin Tests Allergy
  • Respiratory Function Tests
  • Development Assessment
  • Learning Difficulties Development
  • Neuropsychology
  • Psycotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy and Psychomotricity
  • Childcare Class for Parents
  • Baby Massage

Allergic Diseases

Allergic diseases have a growing prevalence in childhood contributes to many cases of ill- being of children and families. Food allergy to severe respiratory symptoms such as asthma , there are numerous situations that should be identified and treated . Knowing the family and personal history of the child , through physical examination , and sometimes using simple tests, we can identify the cause of the symptoms and thus properly handle ensuring that children grow and develop without limitations.

Names of professional clinical team

  • Sandra Caetano, Pediatra
  • Andreia Pereira, Neuropediatra
  • Nuno Encarnação, Psicólogo
  • Carla Sofia Pinto, Psicóloga
  • Dario Coelho, Psicólogo
  • Adérito Cavaco, Psicólogo
  • Maria João Sousa, Terapeuta da Fala
  • Aldina Garrocho, Enfermeira
  • Nádia Palhinha, Psicomotricista

Children's Psychology Clinic

Childhood Psychology is an area of psychology that possess solid knowledge about the development of children. The psychologist can, through observation and interaction with a child, realize that your physical, intellectual and psychological development is to be carried out within the expected parameters.